Tuesday - January 23, 2007

Rebecca Feeny of Custom Event Group is EXCEPTIONAL AND BEYOND!

I truly can not say enough good things about Rebecca's talent as an impeccably thorough wedding coordinator and exceedingly talented visionary of the perfect wedding day in my mind. Not only is her website beautiful, her sense of the artful flow of the wedding day is elegant, timeless and fresh all at the same time. Rebecca Feeny of Custom Event Group will exceed your expectations.

"Karina is one of a kind. I've worked with dozens and dozens of photographers over the years, and it's so rare to find someone with a lovely balance of obvious talent, generosity, and authentic care and concern for others.

Karina is thorough, in the pre wedding meetings, on site while shooting, and even until every photo is edited and presented to the client. Her energy level is amazing! How does she do it??? Her smile and excited energy are the same at 11PM as they are at noon. Her stamina and love for what she does guarantee that no good shot is missed....her coverage of the wedding day is complete and just beautiful. I stand behind Karina and her work." -Rebecca Feeny, Custom Event Group

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Wednesday - October 11, 2006

The Four Sesons Catering Manager, Stacie Brauch

"From the moment you meet Karina, you instantly “click!” Her professionalism and passion is truly inspiring which is evident through her numerous published weddings and albums. She portrays the essence of grace and beauty of each person she shoots. Everyone captured looks genuinely at ease and comfortable with her as if we’ve been friends for years. As my role is more in the behind the scenes, I am not being used to being photographed but felt immediately relaxed with Karina.  It was so much fun! Karina is a breath of fresh air….a true professional full of enthusiasm, poise and style. I recommend her wholeheartedly!" -Stacie Brauch, Catering Sales Manager

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Tuesday - October 10, 2006

Nicole Lenzen's stunning line of bridal gowns

Nicole Lenzen, of Tigresse Fashion has cutting edge bridal gown designs that are both current and timeless. She is brilliant with her creative uses of fabrics that make each of her gowns unique. Not to mention she is beyond professional and a consistent pleasure to work with. I am overjoyed with the work she has done for me and highly recommend her.

As a clothing designer, I usually prefer handing off the role of modeling to others, and letting my work speak for me. However, Karina made me realize the importance of displaying the mind, spirit, and image behind my work, by photographing me. Karina succeeds in capturing the essence of people in her photographs, finding their true (and sometimes numerous) personalities and evoking them with honest precision. Karina brings out the best of her subjects, with her attention to detail focused solely on highlighting beauty and elegance and eliminating any distractions to the eye. Karina is a joy to work with. She puts you immediately at ease during the shoot, ensuring that you look and feel most natural. She helps you find your own magnificence and seeks to help you cherish who are at this moment in time. You will love the results! Thanks for all your beautiful work!-Nicole Lenzen

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Monday - October 09, 2006

Grisez Event Design, enthusiasm, vibrance and taste!

Alice Grisez and Erin Wood of Grisez Event Design impress me with their incredible energy. They clearly take care of each wedding as if it were their own, a very special quality that I cherish. They go the distance to create a wedding day that particularly expresses who you are as a couple and this is one of the many things make them shine as wedding coordinators.

"Meeting Karina for the first time was like meeting an old friend for an afternoon filled with laughs and heart to heart conversation! Karina is more than just a photographer, she's dedicated to making you as beautiful and real as you can be for the camera.  She want's your true essence to shine through into the camera.  She's so easy to be photographed by, letting you drop your guard and have fun with the whole process.  Karina went so far as to style my hair, give me tips on what to wear and makeup choices in order for me to look my best while constantly fixing my hair along the way.  It was like having a personal beauty assistant and a photographer all rolled into one person!  She is  so much more than I expected from a photographer and I can't imagine how else it could be done now.  When you want to look as good as you can for an image that will be set in time, and you can't afford to look anything less then your best Karina is the photographer you need.  I can't say THANK YOU enough to Karina for all her hard work and genuine efforts in making me look and feel as good as I did that day!"  -Warmest regards, Alice Grisez

"Speaking first-hand, having your picture taken by Karina Marie Diaz is like nothing you've ever experienced before.  She has the ability to personalize every photograph she takes and has a way of putting your personality into every single one.  You can tell she loves what she does because she puts so much passion into making you feel special and getting that perfect shot. You leave feeling confident about yourself and knowing that you will have breathtaking photographs.  Karina is truly amazing behind the lens!" -Erin Wood

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Saturday - August 19, 2006

Floramor, Laura Little

If you don't know about Floramor already, then now you know. Her work speaks volumes. She is "THE" San Francisco Florist. I am producing a book of the Indian wedding at The Ritz, San Francisco and she had given me this lovely quote for the book. I am honored that such a incredibly talented woman who has been in the business for over 20 years has this to say about my work. We have been working together since the beginning of my wedding photography career 5 years ago. I respect her greatly as an artist, pioneer and dear friend.

"Karina is a perfect blending of artist and technician who, through her passion for capturing beauty, gives to the bride and her family a view of their wedding that will reawaken the magic of the day each time they look at her photos. My brides love her work, adore her genuine personality and feel totally confident that she will put her heart and soul into every event she documents. Karina's photography is the best around....without a doubt." -Laura Little, Floramor

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Friday - August 18, 2006

Thomas and Anita Hughes make a stellar team!

It is always a joy to work with Thomas Hughes Video as I know they will be incredibly respectful of my shots when I am shooting. This is something I cherish for my clients that do have a videographer. Thomas and Anita have generous in referring from the very beginning when I started my wedding photography business in 1999. Wow time zooms by. I also know that their clients are consistently happy with the dedication they put in to the final product. Please tell them you heard it from me!

"You're a doll! Karina, I did a search for Connie Kearns' new website and inadvertently came upon your blog.  It's absolutely, absolutely gorgeous!  I've never seen such beautiful photos online.  I don't know what your secret is for achieving such crisp, clear, vibrant images.  They jump off the page. The design of the blog is spectacular too.  Is it really entirely your creation?  As busy as you are I have no idea where you come up with the time.  As professionals, we all come up with creative ideas to showcase our work and keep it fresh, but most ideas never come to fruition because we're all so busy.  I'm convinced that you don't sleep at night! Cheers to you!  You work so hard.  You're an inspiration and you deserve the tremendous success you've achieved."  -Thomas Hughes

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Tuesday - May 30, 2006

With Amy's Guide...

...Amy Nichols Special Events shows her dedication to helping brides and grooms to have the best possible wedding, down to every last detail! I couldn't resist capturing these adorable shoes she got in Spain recently. Visit Amy's Guide... to all things bride and find an interview with me about your wedding photography. (coming soon)

"When you meet Karina Marie Diaz you can't help but know she's a true artist. Her photographs are breathtaking and she captures the spirit and character of her subjects beautifully. She is an absolute pleasure to work with - gracious, thoughtful and always smiling!" -Amy Nichols

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Sunday - May 28, 2006

Julia Nottebohm is a wedding coordinator who deserves the title...

With her natural grace and attention to detail her weddings reflect this. Capturing her calm and kind nature in her portrait was very rewarding for me. Julia Nottebohm is a true delight.

"All of my brides rave about Karina and the work she does. She is talented, professional and really takes the time to listen to what it is you want. Karina has the ability to convey who you are through her pictures ....and she is sweet and wonderful and FUN! I think she's the cat's meow!" -Julia Nottebohm

And my favorite because it's so funny! "It's not magic- It's Karina ;)" -also coined by Julia Nottebohm

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