Rebecca Feeny of Custom Event Group is EXCEPTIONAL AND BEYOND!


I truly can not say enough good things about Rebecca's talent as an impeccably thorough wedding coordinator and exceedingly talented visionary of the perfect wedding day in my mind. Not only is her website beautiful, her sense of the artful flow of the wedding day is elegant, timeless and fresh all at the same time. Rebecca Feeny of Custom Event Group will exceed your expectations.

"Karina is one of a kind. I've worked with dozens and dozens of photographers over the years, and it's so rare to find someone with a lovely balance of obvious talent, generosity, and authentic care and concern for others.

Karina is thorough, in the pre wedding meetings, on site while shooting, and even until every photo is edited and presented to the client. Her energy level is amazing! How does she do it??? Her smile and excited energy are the same at 11PM as they are at noon. Her stamina and love for what she does guarantee that no good shot is missed....her coverage of the wedding day is complete and just beautiful. I stand behind Karina and her work." -Rebecca Feeny, Custom Event Group

Posted: Tuesday - January 23, 2007 at 12:45 AM