Nicole Lenzen's stunning line of bridal gowns


Nicole Lenzen, of Tigresse Fashion has cutting edge bridal gown designs that are both current and timeless. She is brilliant with her creative uses of fabrics that make each of her gowns unique. Not to mention she is beyond professional and a consistent pleasure to work with. I am overjoyed with the work she has done for me and highly recommend her.

As a clothing designer, I usually prefer handing off the role of modeling to others, and letting my work speak for me. However, Karina made me realize the importance of displaying the mind, spirit, and image behind my work, by photographing me. Karina succeeds in capturing the essence of people in her photographs, finding their true (and sometimes numerous) personalities and evoking them with honest precision. Karina brings out the best of her subjects, with her attention to detail focused solely on highlighting beauty and elegance and eliminating any distractions to the eye. Karina is a joy to work with. She puts you immediately at ease during the shoot, ensuring that you look and feel most natural. She helps you find your own magnificence and seeks to help you cherish who are at this moment in time. You will love the results! Thanks for all your beautiful work!-Nicole Lenzen

Posted: Tuesday - October 10, 2006 at 12:36 PM