Dava Guthmiler is almost to good to be true


Dava Guthmiler is the founder of Pow.wow, an inviting and resourceful women's networking group fueled by the power of fabulous women. Her talents are many and you can see it all here at Noise 13. Noise 13 is Dava's visual branding design studio that can take you all the way from identity to interior design. Her talent and her team will take you were you want to go. Dava is the real thing and I can't get enough of her.

"When Karina told me about her portraits of women sessions it took my trust in her to get me to make an appointment. I'm a social butterfly, but I'm not used to being photographed. I usually don't like photo of me anyways. But believe me, taking half a day off work to get your makeup done and photos taken really feels like being spoiled. Which we all need once in a while. I have to admit, I love me photos and I will go back again. Karina is wonderful at finding the beautiful woman in all of us." - Dava Guthmiler

Two of Dava's favorites from her portrait session here in the studio with beautiful natural light.

Posted: Thursday - January 25, 2007 at 07:33 PM