So serene...


...Kirsten Krohn Marriage and Family Therapist.

"Karina's passion for what she does, and her mission to take beautiful photographs of women and have them appreciate their own beauty really comes through when you meet her. I truly truly enjoyed working with Karina to get the perfect portrait for my website. I was most worried about what to wear and her decisiveness and expertise gave me complete confidence that we would get some beautiful photos. Karina made the whole shoot fun, relaxed and natural, well as natural as one can feel while being photographed. I loved that she paid attention to where each piece of hair fell. For me it is this kind of attention to detail that creates truly superb photographs. She also found out what elements were important to me in order to feel like a photo of myself is really fantastic. In the end what more can you ask from a photographer than that she know her trade, she tell you how to make yourself look the best possible, and she make it all fun and relaxing at the same time." -Kirsten Krohn

Posted: Thursday - June 15, 2006 at 07:22 PM