Connie's to die for wardrobe made our shoot such a treat for me!!


"My last birthday marked a new decade and a new me, and I wanted to do something special to celebrate my womanhood and my outlook on life. Thanks to Karina, she has helped capture a moment in time that I'll always remember.

Every woman owes it to herself to be photographed by Karina. She has the amazing gift of being able to capture a woman's inner beauty and let it shine through in her photos. My photoshoot with Karina was one of the most special experiences I've ever had, and I would highly recommend it to every woman.

Karina has an incredible energy about her that is infectious and makes the photo session so much fun. I had only talked to her on the phone once before meeting her, but the moment I entered her fabulous studio, I felt like we had been great friends for a long time. She made me feel completely comfortable in my skin and I really felt that my true self was shining through. Her guidance throughout the shoot empowered me with a great sense of confidence that really showed in my photos (I've now mastered "smiling eyes" and creating maximum cleavage!). The end result was an amazing set of fierce photos (I received digital files less than 48 hours later)! Super sexy AND tasteful, they exceeded my expectations. I love them! If not as a special present for a significant other, all women should do this as a treat for yourself." - Connie Chang

Yelp Review by Connie Chang who is in charge of the Yelp community in the peninsula.








Posted: Sunday - February 24, 2008 at 05:58 PM