T H A N K Y O U !!! ... with candied moonbeams, sparkeling rainbows and the darlingest dew drops.


A huge THANK YOU to the talented people that have made this upcoming show Thursday, December 7th, at 6PM at Couleur Cafe, possible. Your ongoing enthusiasm and smiles have always meant so much to me. I feel so incredibly lucky to receive your kindness. And I'm taking it all in and it's filling me up with tons of yummy. Ok so I'm sentimental and mushy- who else lives to photograph weddings and babies for 8 years with renewed enthusiasm each time?

Terri, Pete, Terri.. Pete-Why two names? that is so confusing. BTW: your voice is just perfect! I'm telling you it's a gold mine that voice of yours. I look forward to it every time I see you. I could not have dreamed of a greater welcoming to having this show. Thank you for believing me and loving my work the way you do. Nothing but smiles for you as always. Couleur Cafe. Thank you for introducing me to Eric. What a team you guys make!! My French is very slowly coming along.

Aria Zuloaga for being a solid woman in my life and a good friend. She is consistent, beautiful and an exceptionally talented painter. She inspired me to have the show at Couleur Cafe. I'll never forget our great times in Bonair. oh and she can dance like nobodies business - did I just write that? - well it's true.

Paal and Hegge for staying with me and letting me sleep on the couch without an excuse for once! If you had not been here to edit with me and ya ya ya in Norwegian to this wacky idea of mine it so would have never happened. Get lost more often in San Francisco why don't ya. How do I link to my favorite guy cousin from Norway?? Cruise the Lego site. My lovely Paal is all about the Lego's. It's that creative entrepreneurial bloodline us Smith-Meyers have in common.

Of course Kara.. for listening to all my production chatting. I love that I can always count on you for sound business advice. "Josie and the pussycat", thank you for educating us Norwegian folks about American cartoons. And for anyone else who is out of the loop. "mom there is a cartoon josie and the pussycats-it's a girl band and josie is the lead singer and they dress up like cats and they used to guest star on scooby doo-read up on your americana. Josie is named after the artist's wife who drew Archie comics and his French wifes name is Josette so they called her Josie for short in america." Josie, thank you for connecting the dots and having such great ideas! I am having with-drawls form you already.

Julia Knottebohm is always excited about my projects and happily offer's a helping hand. What could be better? Her incredible calmness is always a joy to be around. Because her father is a photographer we have a special connection and it is so fun to get to know her better as the years go by..that's funny;)

Rebecca Whitworth, the goddess of Le Sanctuaire. She is an incredible manifester (my own word) of all things fabulous! Like the wonder woman costume from Victoria's 40th Birthday, I meant Pirate Party. Arrr.. I have met such truly good people through her generous sharing of friends.

DJ Consuelo and DJ Monte Carlo. Senor DJ Consuelo it's been a long time-- and your lookin mighty fine as usual. Stay away from that al(bleep) site. I am so excited about having senor DJ Consuelo play. He's kind enough to squeeze me in before he's of to spin at Sushi Groove South. You can hear him play around town at The Clift-Redwood Room, Frisson, The W, The Tunnel Top, Azul, The Dragon Bar, and at Couleur Cafe December 7th at 6PM.

Sam Khedr created NiteVibe in 2000 and I believe that was the year we made it to winter music Conference together with Laird and a posse to Miami. He is an incredible person with just about the best energy around. Anyone who can know that much about nightlife in SF and be on the edge of all things dj related and parties abound for that long just plain rocks. He always has a smile on his face. I am so happy for his success and encourage anyone who likes to get their groove on to check out his site, if you haven't already. With an average of 516,865 viewers a month he has a collected some serious fans.

Laird for being such a good friend through and through. Thank you for the turntables and mixer-wouldn't have even known where to begin. Not to mention he has the best humor and laugh of anyone in San Francisco. Laird for Mayor! I love you forever even though you still won't give me photo credit on your site after like 6 years of usage;) Finally, credit for those photographs at least on my own blog. hee.. but really..I mean really that is my red ball and those are my butterfly wings!!

Posted: Sunday - November 19, 2006 at 02:09 PM