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Colette Photography is a place for women to celebrate their beauty!

Why did I name this new exciting addition to my business Colette Photography?
"Colette was a thoroughly modern woman: frank in her desires, fierce in her passions, forever reinventing herself."



I came accross her name with my french tutor, Marion that I adore. We were brainstorming ideas for names for this new concept of creating a place for woman to celebrate themselves freely and enjoy the exploration of their honest beauty. I told her I had always LOVED the name Colette. She said "Oh, well she was the first famous female writter in France to use her own name. She was a pioneer of her time and broke new groud for women in expressing their wants and desires." -but in French of course. I was hooked and the more I learned about this incredibly brave and bold woman the more I thought, what a great match!

Nothing makes me happier than supporting women to realize their dreams in life through celebrating their beauty. This year I have photographed over 60 women so far. I have been increidbly moved by their responses to the expireince of having their Colette portrait sessions and the wonderful impact it has had on their lives. Please review the Testimonials section of the site for samples.

I was delighted to find out, silly as it may be, that I was born 100 years after Colette. There is something fun in that for me. I hope you will also be inspired by her ability to create change by being true to herself and honest about what makes her happy.

French novelist Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette
January 28, 1873 – August 3, 1954
Aquarius for anyone interested.

France loved their audacious, outspoken Colette. Colette was named a member of the Belgian Royal Academy and the French Legion of Honor. She became the first female president of the Academie Goncourt and, upon her death, the first woman in French history to be accorded a state funeral. To her dying day, she was a robust woman of remarkable energy. Lusty, soulful, stylish and smart, Colette is the Ultimate Parisienne. Her pioneering boldness surpassed perceptions of who a woman can be and will forever mark a turning point in history. Read more about her life in the Colette Section of the website.

Posted: Saturday - November 18, 2006 at 10:44 PM